The Bank approves its Limit for natural persons who receive their earnings in the accounts opened in Zapad Banka. The earnings shall be deemed as an average net salary/pension that a person has received during previous three months prior to submitting the request.

Amount in EUR:                                          

Min EUR 100,00 – Max 3 average net salaries (pensions)

Repayment Period:                                                               

Up to 24 months;

Nominal interest rate annually:

8,00%-16.00% depending on a group a client belongs to and a client’s credit grade

Fees for loan approval(once off payment)

0,00%-2.00% depending on a group a client belongs and a client’s credit grade

Repayment method:                                                                         

Upon maturity.

Fees for loan repayment partly or closing of the loan entirely (once off payment)

In accordance with the Law on consumer loans

Security instruments:

Attachment of earnings and/or Permanent order for the right of disposal of  the funds in the transaction account. 2 (two) bills of exchange with the bill of exchange authorization.

  • ID card photocopy
  • Request for loan
  • Confirmation statement of employment and earnings amount
  • Consent for making inquiry in Regulatory Credit Registry
  • The bill of exchange and bill of exchange authorization issued by a Client
  • Attachment of earning (optional) 
  • Statement on severance payment (optional)    
  • Pension check (optional)
  • Life insurance policy (optional)