Transaction accounts and payment system

Simple and easy

If you wish to open a transaction account with our bank, whether you are a resident or non-resident, you have the ability to conduct national and international payment transactions in various currencies. Additionally, you will have access to a variety of banking services.

In such a way you will be in position to simply and easily perform payments within the domestic and international payment transactions system and in accordance with the legal regulation of Montenegro.

Zapad Banka SWIFT is ZBCGMEPG.

What is needed to open a transaction account?

Identification Document
(ID card or passport)
Employment certificate
(by Employer)
Application Form
(to be filled out at the bank’s counter)
To open a non - resident account please contact the Bank for all necessary documents.
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All types of inflows and outflows of money in the country can be done through the transaction account of Zapad banka.

Through your transaction account with Zapad banka you may perform all types of cash inflow and outflows transactions from abroad.

Bank instructions, which must be submitted when transferring money, can be obtained when opening a transaction account or when the client needs it.

Funds from abroad are paid in the same currency in which the money has been sent, and clients can also decide to convert remittances into another currency.

Nostro remittance is such remittance by which the Bank’s clients make payments abroad, on different grounds.
Loro remittances are remittances from abroad paid in favor of the bank's clients, on different grounds.

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