Long-term loans

Investment in long – term security

Repayment period

up to 120 months

Business loan adjusted to the needs of economy

Financing different business purpose

Long-term loans are approved for the following purposes: investments in fixed assets, investments in permanent working capital, financing current obligations, and refinancing client obligations.

Long term loans

Long term loans are approved for the following purposes:

  • Investments in fixed assets – tangible assets (land, construction premises, equipment and appliances, small tools and items), as well as intangible assets (patents, licenses, royalties, copyrights, franchise, products or services development), by which the current value of the fixed assets is maintained or slightly increased.
  •     Investments in permanent working capital - financing current liabilities, which occur in regular business activities of the client, and apply to raw materials, materials, supplies, other production expenses, receivables from customers.
  • Refinancing the client's obligations to other financial institutions and refinancing of the client's obligations to the bank.
  • They are designed for the legal persons operating in all business sectors (services, trade, agriculture, production, civil engineering etc.).
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Long-term investment loans

Long-term investment loans are designed for the investment projects in the area of:

  • Production – Loans approved for upgrading or extending the production premises, investing in commercial business premises, warehouses, construction land, transport fleet and waterborne crafts, all above mentioned that is used in the production or business activities, and for the Investment in other fixed assets
  • Tourism - Loans approved for buying or developing new and reconstructing, extending, overhauling the existing tourist resources for tourism (hotels, apartments, rooms, camps, restaurants, sports and other leisure activities facilities, etc.) needed for the tourist business activities, designing and equipping existing tourist resources, procurement of waterborne crafts or other equipment purposed for renting to tourists.
  • Construction - Loans approved to finance construction projects of residential or commercial buildings, exclusively intended for further sale on the market.
  • Agriculture -loans approved for founding, extending or upgrading the agricultural farms.
  • Other business projects, which increase a Client’s assets, under the condition that such acquired assets are solely used for the commercial purposes and for operating in the business activities a Client is registered for.
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Loans covered with a fixed term cash deposit

Loans covered with a fixed term cash deposit – This loan product offers financing at the expense of a Client own funds or of a third person and it is suitable for all purposes.

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