Bank’s vision 

The bank's vision is its successful positioning in the banking sector of Montenegro as:

  • A universal bank offering a wide range of banking products and services tailored to the specific needs of its clients.
  • A dynamic, financially strong bank that strives for a recognizable, top-level service with continuous business improvement for the benefit of shareholders, clients, employees, and all other stakeholders.

Bank’s mission

The bank's mission is to build lasting, harmonious relationships with clients, focusing on their needs and continuously using available resources through expanding and improving the offering of products and services to clients, maintaining a high level of service quality to enhance overall business.

Corporate values


Providing services to clients in a way that guarantees satisfaction with current and predictable future business needs, minimizing costs and ensuring efficiency.


Taking time and interest to engage with clients to agree on mutually beneficial and individual transaction prices, terms, and other parameters suitable for the client's business specifics.


Respecting client trust, valuing the importance of information, and ensuring security and privacy throughout every detail and stage of banking transactions.


Consistently applying modern standards of sound corporate governance, affirming legal standards governing aspects of internal control, internal and external auditing, and continuously improving applied information and banking technologies.

Social responsibility

Striving to gain and maintain a reputation as a professionally responsible entity.


Committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination from its behaviour, respecting gender, age, ethnic, religious, political, and linguistic differences, as well as differences in union affiliations, sexual orientation, and disability.