Mastercard GOLD Debit card

Stay connected worldwide

Availability at ATMs 24/7

Availability in all currencies

Financial commitment in EUR and USD currencies

Contactless payments at points of sale both domestically and internationally

The Mastercard Gold Debit card is primarily designed for the bank's regular clients but is also available to all other adults (residents and non-residents) who can become cardholders by simply opening an account with the bank.

If the card is lost or stolen in country or abroad, please report immediately to the phone number:
+382 (0)20 690 069
(available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • Free of charge cash withdrawal from ATMs of Hipotekarna banka AD Podgorica;
  • Payment of goods and services in the country and abroad without commission and fees;
  • Opportunity to use the card for online shopping;
  • Contactless payment. For transactions below a specific amount, the PIN transaction confirmation is not required, but only to bring the card close to the reader. A limit of the amount for contactless payment depends on the bank in the country or abroad where payment is processed and it is defined according to the rules of the MasterCard bankcards association. In Montenegro, a contactless payment limit is 25 EUR.
  • Receiving SMS security messages for each transaction made.

The card may be used at all ATMs and sales points in country and abroad that have the "MasterCard" mark, which in total makes 24 million sales points and over 850,000 ATMs in the world. You can also use the card for online shopping while we recommend restricting your transactions to those Web sites that use the CVV standard for the card user identification authentication (with free of charge 3D secure service).

The basic user of the card is the person who owns the account, while the additional cards may be issued and connected to one account. The additional card is issued only with the consent of the owner of the account the basic card is connected to.

The validity of the basic and additional cards is 3 years, and they are automatically extended after the expiration date.

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