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Interest rates on fixed-term deposits in EUR and USD currency

Fixed term deposits of EUR 500,00 to EUR 200,000.00 

USD 500.00 TO 200.000.00

Terms of deposits at 12, 13, 24 and 36 months.

Standard (classic) savings - intended for everyone who wants their principal, increased by interest, to be paid out after the expiration of the fixed term.

Interest is calculated and paid in the currency of the Deposit on the last day of the month, by transferring the net interest to the Depositor's transaction account with the Bank, after deducting the amount of personal income tax, which the Bank is obligated to pay on behalf of and for the account of the Client, in accordance with the Law on Personal Income Tax.

* For deposits above 36 month - duration, the interest rate is separately arranged, for each individual case, as well as for the deposits exceeding EUR 200,000.00.

Standard (classical) savings in EUR or USD currency
12 months
13 months
24 months
36 months

When paying the interest for the savings of natural persons, the Bank shall calculate, terminate and transfer to the Tax Administration of Montenegro the amount of the tax for natural persons’ income, in accordance with the Law on Natural Persons’ Income Tax. Client’s deposits with the Bank are protected in line with the Law on Protection of Deposits.

Check the conditions for the specific deposit products on the Savings Calculator.

Savings calculator

Note: The calculator is for informational purposes only. For more information, visit a Zapad Bank branch office. The bank calculates, withholds, and pays personal income tax to the Montenegro Tax Administration on the displayed interest amount in accordance with the regulations governing the taxation of personal income
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