Welcome to Zapad Bank, a bank we have been carefully building with you since 2015.

Zapad Banka AD Podgorica is a universal bank that provides its clients with a wide range of banking services. Instead of a standardized approach to client needs, the bank aims to develop and provide personalized services tailored to their specific requirements. In 2022, the Bank defined a new strategic goal for medium-term operations: to increase market share and strengthen the Bank's market position in the banking sector of Montenegro in the retail segment.

The business processes in the bank are organized in a way that provides clients with the opportunity to manage their funds in a simple and efficient manner. The main goal of Zapad Bank is to build lasting, harmonious relationships with clients by paying attention to their needs and continuously developing themselves and their business, for the benefit of all.

Combined with expertise and the dedication of our employees, our bank is a unique banking partner with a comprehensive portfolio of banking services, including domestic and international payment transactions, loans, guarantees, deposits, electronic banking, card services, forfaiting, financial leasing, currency exchange, and other operations. The bank believes that employees are one of the key values and guarantees for achieving business goals.

The Bank believes that the employees are one of the key values and the guarantee for achieving business goals.

Zapad banka AD Podgorica.
Moskovska street, nb. 2b / VII floor.
81000 Podgorica
Registered with the Central Register of Business Entities in Podgorica.
Registration number with the Central Register of Business Entities: 4-0009448.
Share capital: EUR 15.5
TIN: 03032531
VAT: 30 / 31-17723-4

Account: 907-57001-31
IBAN ME25570000981000004047